Welcome to Khiva


Khiva! How much within that sound is blended for an Uzbek heart! Khiva is a jewel of the Orient, the apple of Khorezm's eye, a man-made wonder! It is the birthplace of the great Al-Khorezmi, Sheikh Nazhmiddin Kubro, Pahlavan Mahmud, Munis, Agakhi and Feruza, a holy and admired land. On October 20, 1997, Khiva celebrated its 2.500th birth anniversary.
Khiva means more to the people of the world than any other city anywhere because this wonderful city is now bubbling with life, keeps abreast of the times, is growing fast and getting ever more beautiful. Its towering minarets and joyous Oriental architecture grab the attention of myriads of tourists from all parts of the world.
Sifting through this guidebook and familiarizing yourself with the city's rich historical past, beautiful skyline and buildings, you feel an overpowering urge to see it all with your own eyes.

Dear guests! It is a great privilege to be born in Khiva, live in Khiva, work in Khiva and see the city highlights! Ladies and gentlemen, I congratulate you on your lucky chance to get to know the history of the legendary city of Khiva!

Davron Allakuliev

Mayor of Khiva City and Region